Gerda: A Flame in Winter gameplay trailer revealed!

    9 August 2022
    Gerda: A Flame in Winter gameplay trailer revealed!

    With almost a month to go until the release of Gerda: A Flame in Winter on September 1, we’ve released a gameplay trailer to give you a first look at exploration, choices, and the RPG-lite elements of the game and how those choices—and their direct and indirect consequences—can open different paths to be explored.


    The decisions that you will make as Gerda throughout the game will affect the bonds she already has with her community, as well as the relationships she can make or break with members of the resistance and the occupation.


    You will use her diary to track her progress and the management of her resources and relationships. Also shown in the diary are her ‘mental energies’, the mental skill points she can gain and lose during conversations and confrontations.


    The RPG-lite mechanics are a good way to show that your actions can not only have short-term consequences, but also affect the longer-term course of the story.


    Will there be consequences if you, as a nurse, help a person who is suffering even though they may cause suffering to others? Will you find yourself in a pinch later, if you give away precious resources to somebody who needs them?



    Save the date – Gerda: A Flame in Winter releases on September 1, 2022, and you can wishlist it right now on Steam so you don’t forget!


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