DON’T NOD embraces flexible working modes!

    7 September 2021
    DON’T NOD embraces flexible working modes!


    Dontnodians can now choose between working from home and working in an office in a new permanent work organization called FROG (Fully Remote Organization). Voted on in October 2020, 87% of employees were in favor and all now enjoy the benefits of working from their home if they choose. This system will remain in place past the pandemic with the aim of bettering work-life balance and providing more flexibility in work organization. 

    We want to empower all team members to work in the best possible conditions for them, so all Dontnodians can choose between Remote Mode and Office Mode, with the option to revise their decision later. Remote Mode lets staff work from the comfort of their own homes with all the equipment and furniture they need, all provided by DON’T NOD. Office Mode means working from the premises with a dedicated setup and desk. Because maintaining a social link with colleagues is important to us, both modes offer great flexibility. Teleworkers can choose to visit the office regularly and use “flex” desks, and office workers have a package of remote days. 

    Implementing FROG means the talent pool has widened significantly with colleagues able to live anywhere in France with the Paris office, or Quebec with the Montreal office. This means great things for our recruitment efforts, and we’re thrilled to be able to welcome the best of the best to DON’T NOD. Take a look at our current open roles here! 

    New offices in Paris and Montreal 

    The Paris office has relocated to the Parc Icade du Pont de Flandre and boasts on-site green spaces, restaurants, a fitness center, and more. It has been renovated with space and adaptable working conditions in mind so we can keep up with the changing health and safety recommendations. Features include flex desks, ‘bubbles’ for isolation and concentration, connected meeting rooms, and more. 

    In Montreal, DON’T NOD has a new office within Fabrik8, at the heart of the Mile-Ex neighborhood. Our employees enjoy working in a vibrant environment that offers many perks such as a gym, a cafeteria that serves gourmet, healthy meals, as well as an ice rink which turns into a soccer pitch and basketball court in the warmer months. 

    To stay safe, only a limited number of employees are currently able to visit the offices at one time. A voluntary gradual return to the workplace is underway.