Play Life is Strange 2 on Nintendo Switch now!

    2 February 2023
    Play Life is Strange 2 on Nintendo Switch now!

    Life is Strange 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch!


    You can buy the game on the Nintendo eShop now or before March 2 to get the “Arcadia Bay Patches and Mascot Bundle” too.


    Watch the Life is Strange 2 Nintendo Switch trailer here:



    After a traumatic incident brings to light Daniel’s telekinetic powers, the Diaz brothers are forced to run. Sean, Daniel’s 16-year-old big brother, becomes responsible for Daniel’s safety, shelter, and life itself. As Daniel’s powers manifest, Sean must teach him right from wrong as they travel across the USA to reach Mexico.


    It’s gonna be a road trip to remember as you join Sean and Daniel Diaz on their transformative journey to reach Mexico. Your choices will change the lives of the Diaz brothers and everyone they meet.



    Buy Life is Strange 2 on the Nintendo eShop (Europe / Americas) now and play on-the-go!


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