Liva’s Story, a Gerda: A Flame in Winter DLC, is out now!

    23 May 2023
    Liva’s Story, a Gerda: A Flame in Winter DLC, is out now!

    Pick up the base game and the DLC in the new Modstand Bundle

    DON’T NOD and Bird Island are so excited to launch of Liva’s Story, a DLC for Gerda: A Flame in Winter. With the DLC comes the brand-new Modstand Bundle where you can get both Gerda: A Flame in Winter and Liva’s Story in one! Both the DLC and bundle are out now on Nintendo Switch and Steam. And to celebrate the release of the bundle, you can also try Gerda: A Flame in Winter for FREE on Steam!

    The Modstand Bundle was created to showcase two very different women’s experiences of World War II and to tell two kinds of stories, those of Gerda and Liva. Gerda has lived a quiet life as a nurse and is pushed into involvement with the Resistance by the Gestapo’s arrest of her husband, Anders. She is compassionate and tries to avoid conflict where possible. Liva on the other hand has been a member of the Resistance for some time. After a failed mission, her team regroups in Tinglev where she will have to stand up and lead them to their next fight.    

    In Liva’s Story, she’s desperate and discouraged, her small team must regroup, patch up, and hit the enemy again using sabotage, infiltration, spying, and even assassination. Opposite to Gerda’s empathic approach, Liva is not afraid of using violence and often walks the thin line between justice and revenge. Players will have to carefully balance her fury towards the enemy, duty towards her mission and country, and care for her teammates.

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