It’s your turn to choose the fate of humanity!

    2 May 2023
    It’s your turn to choose the fate of humanity!


    Until the launch of the game, get to know the Aspirations from Reverie. What they believe in, what they stand for, how they see the future of humanity… 

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    Bond @Bond_HMYGame

    An old person with deep wrinkles and knotty, almost root-like limbs. A God anchored in Reverie, a counselor that reunites, advises, and nurtures. His driving force is the meaning of things: understanding what we are, where we are going and how to share our experiences. A conductor with no ego, in a perpetual quest for communication. Bond is the kindest of all Aspirations, he is the connection between all things & strength in numbers. Selfishness is a foreign concept for him.

    Glory @Glory_HMYGame 

    Glory is one of the most sought-after aspects of humanity to celebrate its genius, one that promises joy and miracle to their followers. Everything is justifiable in the name of glory and Glory herself, fed by social media and society’s profound division that favors success and self-gain. Selfish by essence, Glory always wants more. A cult formed around her persona, a religion starved for immortality. A throne above the Aspirations. She wants to become more than a Deity. She wants to be the world itself.

    Power @Power_HMYGame 

    Power is the Aspiration of order, control, domination, the force that moves the world forward with his will. He is an arbiter, the one that distributes responsibilities equally and makes the final call when nobody else can, according to a code and oftentimes ambiguous moral principles. Power is highly charismatic and individualistic, he has no malice, but he considers himself the legitimate de facto leader in every situation.  

    Truth @Truth_HMYGame 

    Truth is the hieratic, sententious Aspiration of all things immutable and reasonable. They are the balance between all the elements of reality, the fair judge of what is true and what isn’t. They consider the cosmic order and the particularities of every conscious being.

    Truth is the weaver of prophecies and the all-seeing eye of Reverie, capable of predicting what will be and seeing everything that could have been. They care deeply about the fate of dreams and devote their existence to ensuring the future can come to pass.

    Bliss @Bliss_HMYGame 

    Bliss is the incarnation of carefree happiness. She lives in an eternal playroom filled with sources of amusement and joy. She likes every drink and every drug in moderation and she’ll try anything once. For her, happiness is the measure of all things. She likes all things new, out of the ordinary, that she then dilutes in her well-being soup: she gets tired of things very easily. 

    Bliss is scared and hangs on the belief that things will never change, that the eternity is paved with safety and happiness. 

    Chaos @Chaos_HMYGame 

    The world is old. Everybody is old. And Chaos is at the peripheral, out of place, uprooted, aimless, lawless, just Them. In all their excess and demands and total absence of trust in themself or others. In their awkward lanky body and asphyxiated skin. In this world everything has its place, except for them. Chaos is a moody teenager (or a cat), brutal and cold yet capable of humor and warmth. Seductive when needs be. Sometimes depressed and melancholic, other times energetic and flamboyant. 

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