Excited for Koira? Get to know Studio TOLIMA!

    12 January 2024
    Excited for Koira? Get to know Studio TOLIMA!

    Koira is a heartwarming tale where you befriend and protect your new puppy from danger. Traverse a musical forest, solve ancient puzzles, meet woodland creatures, and try to find your way home. Discover your untapped powers and learn the true value of friendship.

    Koira releases in 2025 so while we wait, let’s learn a little about the people behind the game!

    Studio TOLIMA is a Belgian independent game studio based in Brussels. The small team there are passionate about creating emotional stories and Koira will be their first game.

    Founder Ben Lega tells us all about his journey and how he started Studio TOLIMA:

    Koira‘s story is brought to life through the symbiosis of expressive hand-drawn graphics and a poignant original soundtrack, which you can see in the announcement teaser:

    You can wishlist Koira already on Steam and follow Studio TOLIMA as they post all kinds of behind-the-scenes content and updates on Koira’s progress on X (Twitter), Instagram, and TikTok. Check out their website for more info too!