DON’T NOD Games in Holiday Sales!

    21 December 2023
    DON’T NOD Games in Holiday Sales!


    We hope you’re all well and are looking forward to 2024. Whether you’re celebrating over the winter holidays or not, there’s reason to rejoice! Many of our games are on sale across various platforms this holiday season and we’ve put together a masterlist of where and when you can find discounted DON’T NOD games.  


    Jusant, recently listed as one of BAFTA’s 60 best games of 2023, is 20% off in Steam’s Winter Sale (until January 4) and the PlayStation Store (until January 5). It’s perfect timing really – grab a hot drink and a blanket, cosy up, and savor the journey up to the top of the mysterious tower.    

    Harmony: The Fall of Reverie  

    Set the tone for the new year: meet gods, travel realms, and topple megacorporations in Harmony: The Fall of Reverie. You can get it at 50% off in the Steam Winter Sale until January 4 and Nintendo Americas’ Holiday Sale until January 3.  

    Gerda: A Flame in Winter 

    Bird Island’s poignant WWII game, Gerda: A Flame in Winter, is at 60% off! Get it in the Steam Winter Sale, and on the Nintendo eShop until December 31 (Europe) and January 3 (Americas).  

    Twin Mirror 

    Last but not least, psychological thriller Twin Mirror is also on sale on Steam at a massive 75% off! A great price if you’re looking to complete your DON’T NOD collection or try an entirely new game.  

    Have a fantastic new year and bring on 2024!