Announcing Koira, coming in 2025!

    17 August 2023
    Announcing Koira, coming in 2025!

    Watch the teaser for our upcoming adventure game. 

    Today we’re pleased to announce Koira, a new adventure game coming to Steam in 2025. Developed by Belgian games company Studio TOLIMA and published by DON’T NOD; Koira is a charming, hand-drawn adventure following an enchanted forest spirit and her new puppy friend.  

    Save a puppy and embark on magical and musical adventures together as you try to reach safety in the heart of the forest. Danger dogs their path and the two will have to work together, solve puzzles, befriend woodland animals, and avoid hunters along the way.  

    Discover your untapped powers and learn the true value of friendship in this heartwarming tale, which comes to Steam in 2025. You can wishlist it already on Steam. 

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