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Twin Mirror Dev Vlog #0


Go behind the scenes on Twin Mirror with Oskar Guilbert, our CEO

Discover more about the game’s story and characters in the town of Bassword, West Virginia.

Twin Mirror is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2019.



Today we’re celebrating the 10-year anniversary of DONTNOD!

We put together a video gathering all of our games, we hope you’ll like it!

We’d like to thank all of our players and everyone who encouraged us and supported us over the years. We wouldn’t be here without you 😊

A huge thank you to all our publishers: Capcom (Remember Me), Focus Home Interactive (Vampyr), Bandai Namco (Twin Mirror), Square Enix (Life is Strange / Captain Spirit)





A completely free narrative experience with links to LIFE IS STRANGE 2


We’re excited to announce that THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT™, an all-new, original narrative experience demo set in the LIFE IS STRANGE™ franchise, is out now on XBOX ONE®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC. 

THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT™ created and developed by DONTNOD® Entertainment and published by SQUARE ENIX® is available digitally and completely free.


9-year old Chris is an ordinary boy who really wants to be a superhero. With the help of his toys and a big imagination, he turns a normal Saturday into a series of exciting adventures, but he is not prepared for what today has in store for him, today something truly extraordinary will happen

As a self-contained original story in the LIFE IS STRANGE universe, THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRITTM not only takes the first steps into the world of LIFE IS STRANGETM 2, it features links to the brand-new story of the highly anticipated upcoming sequel. 

LIFE IS STRANGETM 2 is coming to XBOX ONE®, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC on September 27th, 2018.  


THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRITTM contains mature language and themes.


LIFE IS STRANGE 2 is coming September 27th, 2018!


An all-new 5-episode story begins in September 2018

We’re delighted to announce that LIFE IS STRANGE will return with an all-new 5-episode story!

LIFE IS STRANGE 2 is coming to XBOX ONE, PlayStation4 and Windows PC on September 27th, 2018.

Watch the LIFE IS STRANGE 2 release date reveal now:


THE AWESOME ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN SPIRIT, a narrative experience demo that links to LIFE IS STRANGE 2, releases 100% free on June 26, 2018, on XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.




Announcing the Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

Dear fans,

Words cannot accurately express how excited we are to reveal The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit to you! This self-contained and completely free narrative Life is Strange experience will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) on June 26, 2018. You read that right – you won’t have to pay anything at all to get this stand-alone adventure that will also give you glimpse into Life is Strange 2’s brand-new story… but only if you’re clever enough to piece the clues together!

In The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, you play as Chris, an ordinary 10-year old boy who dreams of being a superhero. Chris has a big imagination that will take him on all sorts of adventures, but on this particular Saturday something truly extraordinary will happen to him…

We of course don’t want to reveal too much about The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, but for those of you who are keen to find out a bit more, have a look at this spoiler-free first behind the scenes diary from DONTNOD:

If you’re interested in finding out more, then keep an eye out over the E3 period as the Life is Strange team from DONTNOD are at E3 2018 in LA right now! You can look forward to multiple live streams, interviews and insights about The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. You can also find out a bit more by visiting this FAQ page.

Over the past few years, ever since the release of the first game. We have been quietly working on the next mainline entry in the Life is Strange universe. During this time we not only observed what these games truly meant to our fans, but we also put that in the context of what the series means to us and our ambitions for it. For us, Life is Strange is so much more than a single set of characters, places, themes or scenarios – Life is Strange is an entire universe of storytelling founded upon relatable characters facing real world issues, but always with “a twist of the strange” and we have many more stories we want to tell.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is the first step towards showing you the true potential of Life is Strange, and the possibilities of a diverse universe filled with interesting characters and stories to tell. With it, we have created a self-contained narrative experience that’s brimming with content – the deeper you dig, the more you will discover. While this demo is designed in the usual Life is Strange way and allows you plenty of time to explore everything, it is at the same time structurally different to previous entries. You will most likely see and discover new content on subsequent playthroughs which you might have previously missed. And there are some secrets that may very well take a coordinated group of fans to unravel…

We can’t wait for you to uncover the secrets of this adventure together as a community, and we’re really looking forward to reading all your theories about The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and how it might relate to Life is Strange 2.

As always, we wouldn’t be able to continue to make games like Life is Strange and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit without fans such as yourselves, so thank you for all your support – Life is Strange 2 will be here soon and we look forward to embarking on this journey together with you, starting June 26 with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.


Twin Mirror – New narrative adventure game announced!



We are proud to announce Twin MirrorTM, a story-driven investigation coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019 and published by Bandai Namco!


Watch the trailer here:

Twin MirrorTM showcases a player-driven experience featuring a malleable narrative that chronicles the journey of a tormented hero who must walk a tightrope between the harsh realities of the film noir-esque Basswood, West Virginia and its dark secrets, and his own personal struggle.

Twin MirrorTM is a game heavily rooted in the concept of duality, redemption and self-acceptance and is on track to deliver a stunning emotional journey” said Oskar Guilbert (DONTNOD’s CEO). “While we were scripting the player’s investigations within the game, we suddenly found ourselves researching just how far the limits of the Narrative Adventure genre could be pushed in the real world. When the dust settled, all evidence pointed towards Twin MirrorTM being a genre-re-defining experience. Now, we can’t wait to see how the players react when all the pieces of their investigation fall into place within the game.”

Players will assume the role of Sam, a 33-year-old investigative journalist who suffered a harsh breakup he’s desperately trying to overcome, returning home to bury an old friend. As Sam wakes up one morning in his motel room with a bloody shirt and no memories of his whereabouts the previous night, he embarks on a thrilling investigation to find the truth, with his mind as his only weapon. Twin MirrorTM offers the ability to dive into Samuel’s painful memories to personally and uniquely shape the investigation through a series of gut-wrenchingly impactful choices, each bringing the player one step closer to discovering both the truth, and their place in the world.

“Now more than ever, gamers are seeking out narrative journeys that not only progress the story in a particular direction but force them to make difficult moral decisions that impact the outcome in real, dramatic ways.” said Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.

Twin MirrorTM is our first entry into the world of Narrative adventures, and by partnering with the creative artists at DONTNOD, we are working to create a title that not only meets and exceed the high standard they’ve set but forms the foundation for new and compelling narrative adventures in the years to come.” Adds Hervé Hoerdt, Vice President of Marketing & Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe.

Twin MirrorTM will be available in 2019 for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and STEAM for PC.

Vampyr is out today on PS4, Xbox One and PC!


Vampyr is out today – celebrate the launch with bloodthirsty Launch Trailer!


Vampyr, our narrative-driven action-RPG, releases today, June 5! Take control of newly turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC!

Prepare to stalk or save the streets of 1918 London with the Launch Trailer:

In Vampyr you play as Dr. Jonathan Reid, a famous surgeon and blood transfusion specialist freshly turned into a vampire after arriving back in his home city of London following the Great War. A man of logic and science, Reid’s firm beliefs are turned inside-out upon awakening to a once-hidden world of secret societies, ungodly creatures and ancient orders set upon ending his existence. All the while, London’s population crumbles under the pressure of a terrible disease – and Dr. Reid may be the city’s last hope to stop it.

Everyone of Vampyr’s citizens is part of an interconnected social web, and the fate of one citizen in a social circle will impact all the others, as well as the direction of the narrative. Each citizen has their own story, life and personal goals, some will ask you for help, some will agree to sell you rare items – and every last one can be spared or sacrificed in Reid’s quest. Reid is a vampire, and the fastest way to evolve and unlock new supernatural abilities for combat is by drinking the blood of the living. In Vampyr, it’s not “Do I kill?” but “Who do I kill?”. Deadly encounters plague the doctor’s journey, and each citizen offers a tempting source of power… but there will be consequences.

Each of the four main districts have health status linked with the number of living, dead and sick citizens. By feeding sparingly and keeping the populace healthy with crafted medicines, balance can be maintained. However, if the health gauge drops too low, the district will be lost to supernatural creatures along with every quest, shop and citizen that once lived there. If every district of London falls, the game can still be played to completion, though with an outcome that suits such recklessness. Your actions will save or doom London.

Vampyr releases today, June 5, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Order the game now at http://vampyr-game.com/

Vampyr – New gameplay trailer!


Feed and evolve in Vampyr’s action-filled new gameplay trailer


Vampyr, our upcoming narrative action-RPG, explores tortured protagonist Dr. Jonathan Reid’s growth in power through savage combat gameplay in Becoming the Monster gameplay trailer. By sacrificing the very citizens Reid swore to protect, players will learn and evolve powerful vampire abilities in their struggle to defeat London’s deadly foes.

Vampyr releases June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with preorders now available.


Watch the trailer:

In Vampyr, the greatest source of XP to learn and enhance abilities comes from the blood of London’s citizens, who Dr. Jonathan Reid has set out to save from the epidemic sweeping through the city. The question is less “Do I kill?” than “Who do I kill?” Investigating citizens’ lives will allow Reid to decide who is more ‘deserving’ of sacrifice – or he can simply give into his hunger and treat the mortals as blood bags. Either way, killing certain citizens will have a greater impact on the local ecosystem than others, while simply killing too many may cause an entire district to collapse.

After draining the blood of his victims, Reid can learn and evolve powerful combat abilities. Close combat abilities allow Reid to close gaps quickly, pouncing from afar before slashing with deadly claws, while others such as Bloodspear allow him to deal damage from a distance. At the higher levels of power, some abilities are feared by even the vampires themselves. Abyss allows Reid to unleash the shadows from within, while Rage targets and strikes entire groups of enemies with a terrible fury. Learning and evolving these abilities will aid in the doctor’s quest to save London – but at what cost?

Vampyr releases June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Preorders are now available at http://vampyr-game.com/

VAMPYR – Story Trailer


Fear the Reaper and dive into a strange new world in Vampyr’s Story Trailer


Vampyr, our upcoming action-RPG will release June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The game’s wider narrative arcs are unveiled today in a captivating Story Trailer, brought together with an eerie cover of (Don’t Fear) the Reaper. Returning from the frontlines to a London devastated by war and disease, Dr. Jonathan Reid awakens to a once-hidden world of ungodly creatures, secret societies and vampire hunts.

Watch the trailer:

In Vampyr, you play as Jonathan Reid, a doctor in 1918 London newly-turned into a vampire following his return from the Great War. His convictions blown away, Reid discovers the existence of a dark new world were supernatural creatures and secret societies live together in the shadows… and he is now part this world.

As a newborn vampire shattered by an irrepressible thirst of blood and thrust into a strange new world, Reid attempts to interpret the supernatural in the best way he knows how: rational thinking. However, between ancient societies, mysterious murders and an imminent large-scale vampire hunt, his scientific assurances are challenged like never before.

Driven by a personal desire to learn who caused his transformation and why, Jonathan Reid continues working to find a cure to the devastating disease that decimates its citizens.

But doing so, he must confront his nature as a blood-drinker and the terrible temptation to feed on those he swore to protect…

Vampyr releases June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Preorders are now available at http://vampyr-game.com/

Final episode of the Vampyr webseries AND a release date for the game!


Episode IV: Stories from the Dark

In the final episode of the series, discover how Vampyr blends story and gameplay


Dive into the story of Vampyr and how we build a narrative with the player at the center. In this episode, we explain what makes videogames unique compared to other storytelling mediums, as well as their signature approach to narrative. As Narrative Director Stéphane Beauverger explains, the player is often occupied with Vampyr’s intricate gameplay systems. Because of this, the exploration, investigations, citizen encounters, combat and hard-hitting choices are all fundamentally intertwined with the game’s narrative. Game Director Philippe Moreau elaborates, saying that the relationship between a player and their character, as well as the direct feeling of control, is unique to games and something he has worked to make special in Vampyr.

Total immersion is the goal, and this episode also highlights how we have used motion capture to make the cast of Vampyr that much more human. Subtleties of facial animation can be recreated and combined with the fantastic music, characters, and creatures of the game to produce a living, breathing 1918 London. It’s then up to you who survives it.

Watch Episode IV: Stories from the Dark (the release date of the game is unveiled in it!):

DONTNOD Presents Vampyr – Episode IV is available to watch today, with three more 5-minute episodes already available.